At work, at home, or on the move, the Internet for Australians is no longer seen just as a communications channel, it is changing the landscape of Australian and global retailing.
The ABS reports the rate of Internet access has increased from 16% in 1998 to 72% in 2008-09 - with 74% of people aged 15 years or over, accessing the Internet at home, work or other location in the last 12 months.

Catalogues4u addresses this growing trend by placing your products, offers and consistent branding messages in front of consumers at a time in which they are actively looking to buy.Catalogues4u provides opportunities for repeat exposure of your brand and products by targeting consumer’s lifestyle preferences while providing the ability to increase the longevity of your marketing campaign if desired.

Rather than offering a single touch point with a consumer, ‘Catalogues4u’ provides more opportunities for repeat exposure to your brand and products by targeting consumers’ lifestyle preferences

Why Catalogues4u?
Catalogues4u acts as a powerful conduit, connecting retailers with consumers and consumers with retailers. Consumers can browse catalogues using page flipping technology and zoom in and out, giving an experience that closely resembles reading a printed catalogue. Catalogues4u allows consumers to rate, share and print your catalogue, generating multiple touch points with consumers while encouraging repeated site visits. The inbox has become the new letterbox, with catalogues4u’s regular email alerts and promotions.

Benefits to Retailers
1. Support your print catalogue campaign with online catalogue presence
2. Reach new markets and audiences who do not receive your letterbox distributed catalogue
3. Improve brand awareness by increasing the number of touch points with consumers
4. Take advantage of catalogues4u’s campaign measures and analytics
5. Your catalogue campaign will be visible 24/7 and available to consumers at a time that suits them

Benefits to Consumers
1. A personalised shopping experience.
2. Find items of interest fast and easily.
3. Pleasant page turn technology.
4. Ability to sort catalogues by relevance.
5. Click through to advertiser website and store locations.
6. Share items of interest with on others.
7. Participate in online promotions
8. Become a member and receive catalogue and member only promotion alerts

A Unique Market Approach
Consumers are now more selective than ever about how they invest their time – be it socialising, work, entertainment, news gathering, even researching their next product purchase.

Research results from Nielson Online and TNS state that more people are using the internet to research products and purchase goods... a recent study revealing up to 88% of survey participants either researched or compared goods or services online.  Consumers want information which is easily accessible, fast and personalised to their requirements, and Catalogues4u directly meets these needs.

‘Catalogues4u’ targets consumers directly. The site is designed to be easily navigated, provide speedy information through a powerful granular search function and attractive page-turn browser interface. Viewers can zoom in and out on items of interest, print them, and even share them online with friends

Since its launch, Catalogues4u has undergone some site developments to enhance the user experience and functional components within the site whilst giving it a fresher look.

Catalogues4u has been redesigned to be easily navigated, providing consumers with a number of tools to research retailers online. Using an assortment of different browsing functionalities, consumers can search catalogues according to retailers, categories, most popular or date, giving consumers an opportunity to view some of the most current offers out in the marketplace.

Supported by online marketing tools such as Google Ad words, Catalogues4u uses a number of keywords and phrases in order to increase the potential of online viewing of retailers catalogues.

Retailers now have login access to a comprehensive set of measures and analytics from your interactive catalogue campaign which provides vital feedback to track to the minute the effectiveness of each online campaign.
Dependant upon your selected reach uptake, you can even view review more valuable statistics, such as what categories consumers are looking at and what key words they are searching

Make your catalogue campaign more Interactive!
Catalogues4u’ can help to increase the reach of catalogue campaigns into regional markets and audiences not covered by traditional letterbox delivery methods.
There’s never been a better time to market your products or services online, and ‘Catalogues4u’ is the ideal delivery vehicle to help attract more store traffic to your business; Targeted traffic, Consumers ready to buy.

Experience the power of ‘Catalogues4u’ with your next campaign
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